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In the News: "The Plasticity Potential of Young Brain"

Recent research from the lab focussed on the plasticity potential of young visual brain. The paper by Tinelli et al shows that the effects of the lesions to visual regions of the brain are functionally compensated for, at least partially, when the brain damage occurs perinatally. In addition the authors show that in these cases the non-lesioned visual cortex respondeds not only to stimuli presented to the spared visual field, but also to the blind field. This shows that the brain responds to the lesion with a profound reorganization of the anatomical visual pathways.

Original Article:

Blindsight in children with congenital and acquired cerebral lesions PDF
Cortex, Volume 49, Issue 6, June 2013, Pages 1636-1647
Francesca Tinelli, Guido Marco Cicchini, Roberto Arrighi, Michela Tosetti, Giovanni Cioni, Maria Concetta Morrone

Press Coverage:

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