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Eckart in JOV 2012

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New Research in Journal of Vision

Congratulations to Eckart, who's latest paper just got accepted for publication in JOV.

Visual motion distorts visual and motor space

Eckart Zimmerman, David C. Burr and Concetta Morrone


Much evidence suggests that visual motion can cause severe distortions in the perception of spatial position. In this study, we show that visual motion also distorts saccadic eye movements. Landing positions of saccades performed to objects presented in the vicinity of visual motion were biased in the direction of motion. The targeting errors for both saccades and perceptual reports were maximum during motion onset and were of very similar magnitude under the two conditions. These results suggest that visual motion affects a representation of spatial position, or spatial map, in a similar fashion for visuomotor action as for perception.

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