Plenary Lectures and Symposia for IMRF 2015

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We are glad to announce the plenary lectures and the symposia for IMRF 2015.

BRILL Multisensory Research Lecture - Saturday 13th June 2015 - 18:00-19:00

Multisensory integration of vestibular information

Dora Angelaki
Baylor College of Medicine

Plenary Lecture - Sunday 14th June 2015 - 18:00-19:00

Sensorimotor communication, speech and language

Luciano Fadiga
University of Ferrara and The Italian Institute of Technology

Despite the wide resonance evoked by the 'motor theory of speech perception' formulated by Alvin Liberman almost fifty years ago, an animated debate still survives on the possibility that speech understanding does not rely on sensory/auditory processing alone. In my presentation I will provide evidence that Liberman was substantially right and that a motor framework for speech understanding does exist. The sensorimotor association at the basis of speech processing is just an extension of a more general mechanism for inter-individual communication, as proven by recent TMS data, patients studies, and computational models, all converging in the same direction.

Cambridge Research Systems Lecture - Monday 15th June 2015 - 18:00-19:00

Multisensory brain mechanisms of self-consciousness and visual consciousness

Olaf Blanke
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Past work has indicated that subjective aspects of consciousness, in particular the fact that consciousness is bound to the self, is based on the integration multisensory signal integration of visual, tactile, and proprioceptive stimuli in temporo-parietal cortex. Other prominent research highlighted the importance of interoceptive (bodily) signals in the insula. I will, present studies that investigate bodily self-consciousness by exposing subjects to ambiguous multisensory exteroceptive information about the location and appearance of their own body. These studies have shown that activity in a network of brain regions, centering in the temporo-parietal cortex and insula reflects bodily self-consciousness. I will then present data that show that interoceptive (cardiac) signals are integrated with such exteroceptive multisensory signals and that they are equally powerful modulators of bodily self-consciousness recruiting insular cortex. Extended by data by neurological patients, these behavioral and neuroimaging findings show that bodily self-consciousness is based on the integration of specific multisensory bodily signals within key regions in temporo-parietal and insular cortex. In a final section, I will present data revealing the impact of multisensory bodily signals for visual consciousness. These data suggest that multisensory bodily signals are not only crucial for self-consciousness, but also an important building block for perceptual consciousness, such as visual consciousness.

Accepted symposia are, along with a draft schedule (as of 21 May 2015):

Symposia A & B - Sunday 14th 09:00-11:00

A) Multiple senses, multiple stimuli: matching sights and sounds at the cocktail party (Chaired by: Jennifer Groh - Talks by: Romanski, Groh, Shin-Cunningham, Johnsrude)

B) Cortical Plasticity Following Visual or Auditory Impairment (Chaired by: Steve Lomber - Talks by: Lomber, Cardin, D. Mitchell, O. Collignon)


Symposia C & D - Monday 15th 09:00-11:00

C) Insights and Perspectives on Sensory-Motor Integration (Chaired by: Silvio Ionta - Talks by: Ackerley, Borich, Ionta, Lebedev)

D) Depth: The forgotten dimension in multisensory research (Chaired by: van der Steop & Spence - Talks by: Di Luca, Serino, van der Stoep, Farnè)


Symposia E & F - Monday 15th 15:30-17:00

E) Multisensory integration in self-motion perception (Chaired by: Mark Greenlee - Talks by: Kaliuzhna, Churan, Greenlee, MacNeilage, A. Smith)

F) The Curious Incident of Attention in Multisensory Integration: Bottom-up and Top-down (Chaired by: R Adam, Hatcher-O-Brien, Soto-Faraco - Talks by: Krüger, Vercillo, Noppeney, Macaluso, Talsma)


Symposia G & H - Tuesday 16th 09:00-11:00

G) Brain oscillations in multisensory integration (Chaired by: V. Romei & M. Costantini - Talks by: Kayser, Ro, Costantini, van Ackeren, Senkowski)

H) Multimodal Contributions to Body Representation (Chaired by: Azañón, Tamè & Longo - Talks by: Maravita, Linkenauger, Tajadura-Jiménez, Ferrè, Longo)


Symposia I & J - Tuesday 16th 15:30-17:00

I) Above the mean ‐ Examining variability in multisensory processing (Chaired by: S. Baum & M. Wallace - Talks by: Wallace, Baum, Colonius, Thelen, C. Micheli)

J) The multifaceted interplay between multisensory integration and consciousness (Chaired by: Uta Noppeney - Talks by: Deroy, Lunghi, Faivre, Aller)

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