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Stella Maris

The Stella Maris Foundation hosts two main classes of research: functional resonance imaging, and clinical and translational research.

The Stella Maris team includes:

Professor Maria Concetta Morrone – Director of Vision Laboratory

Professor Giovanni Cioni – Scientific Director

Dr Michela Tosetti – Director Centre for Imagining

Dr Arezoo Pooresmaeli – Research Scientist

Dr Francesca Tinelli – Neuro-psychiatrist

Dr Anna Maria Chilosi – Neuro-psychiatrist

Dr Raffaela Tangredi – Neuro-psychiatrist

Dr Andrea Guzzetta – Neonatologist

Dr Paola Brovedani – Neuro-psychologist

Dr Alessandro Compani – Neuro-psychologist

Marco Turi – grad-student

Iride Montanari – laboratory manager


CNR Institute of Neuroscience

Much of the psychophysical work is performed at the CNR Institute of Neuroscience with whom there is a formal agreement with the University of Florence.

People employed by the CNR include:

Dr Marco Cicchini -- post-doctoral research scientist

Dr Sofia Crespi -- post-doctoral research scientist

Dr Eckart Zimmermann -- Post-doctoral scientist

Dr Michela Pannichi -- Post-doctoral scientist

Dr Matteo Caleo -- Research Scientist

Dr Lucia Galli-Resta -- Research Scientist

Dr Enrica Stettoi -- Research Scientist



University of Florence – Department of Neuroscience, psychology, pharmacology and child health: psychology section.

The University of Florence is heavily involved in psychophysical studies with a formal agreement with CNR Institute of Neuroscience

People employed by the University of Florence include:

Prof David Burr -- Principal Investigator

Dr Stefano Baldassi -- Research Scientist

Dr Michela Del Viva -- Research Scientist

Dr Roberto Arrighi -- Research Scientist

Dr David Murphy -- Graduate Student

Dr Elisa Castaldi -- Graduate Student

Dr Giovanni Anobile -- Graduate Student

Dr Michele Fornaciai -- Graduate Student

Dr Claudia Lunghi -- Post-doctoral scientist

Dr Eckart Zimmermann -- Post-doctoral scientist

Giulia Cartocci - Research assistant


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