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SPADe Workshop 2018 - Accommodation

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Pisa has an international airport close to the city centre (taxi ride ~€10). It has direct flights from Doha (which connects to all Australian ports), London, Rome, Naples (and many other Italian ports), Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Crete, Berlin, Prague, Istanbul, Moscow and many others (varying with season and from year to year). 
If the best option is via Florence Airport, we can probably arrange for a student living in Florence to meet your flight and bring you. 
The train service is also good, especially via Florence. Information on http://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en

Staying in Pisa

The Monastery has monastic accommodation on site for most of our guests (see http://en.residence.unipi.it/the-residence/residence/). We will also reserve extra rooms in the centre. At a later date we will ask for preferences and work out who goes where. Those who have particular needs (such as travelling with family) please contact us directly.

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