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Erc Special Day

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Erc Special Day

Giornata nell'ambito della Summer School "Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things"

particolare della locandina

Il 19 luglio, nell'ambito della Summer School "Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things", si tiene la giornata di studi "Erc Special Day".


9.00 Registration of participants

9.30 Welcome address

Prof. On. L. Fioramonti, Undersecretary of State/Sottosegretario di Stato MIUR
Prof. F. Marcelloni, Pro-rector for lnternationalization, University of Pisa
Prof. G. Anastasi, Head of Departmen of lnformation Engineering (DII)
Prof. S. Saponara, DII, Summer School coordinator

10.00 ERC University of Pisa

Prof. A. Bicchi (UniPisa-llT), ERC Advanced Grant
SOFTHANDS - A Theory of Soft Synergies for a New Generation of Artificial Hands

Prof. A. Tredicucci, ERC Advanced Grant
SouLMan - Sound-Light Manipulation in the Terahertz

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 ERC University of Pisa

Prof. B. Mennucci, ERC Advanced Grant
LIFETimes - Light-Induced Function: from Excitation to Signal through Time and Space

Prof. C. Morrone, ERC Advanced Grant
ECSPLAIN - Early Cortical Sensory Plasticity and Adaptability in Human Adults

Prof. G. Fiori, ERC Consolidator Grant
PEP2D - Printable Electronics on Paper through 2D materials based inks