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Valutazione psicofisica con esercitazioni - Modulo Tempo

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Introduzione alla studio percezione del tempo

463 Kb


Un fenomeno di dilatazione temporale: Cronostasi saccadica

400 Kb

2 Art

Action, arousal, and subjective time

346 Kb


Un fenomeno di contrazione temporale al tempo delle saccadi

974 Kb

3 Art

Saccadic eye movements cause compression of time as well as space

252 Kb


Teoria modulare, binding problem e asincronie temporali

1.2 Mb

4.1 Art

Vision:Modular analysis-or not?

192 Kb

4.3 Art

Early binding of feature pairs for visual perception

275 Kb

4.3 Art

A direct demonstration of perceptual asynchrony in vision

419 Kb


Asincronie temporali e teoria dei marcatori temporali in visione, acustica ed in condizioni visuo-acustiche cross modali

1.8 Mb

5.1 Art

Marker Correspondence, not processing latency determines Temporal Binding of Visual Attributes

529 Kb

5.2 Art

Perceived timing of first- and second-order changes in vision and hearing

531 Kb

Asincronie temporali e ruolo del movimento biologico nella percezione temporale

2.8 Mb
6.1 Art Perceptual asynchronies for biological and non-biological visual events 5.20 Mb
6.2 Art

Perceptual synchrony of audio-visual streams for natural and artificial motion sequences

263 Kb

L’illusione visiva del FLE e le teorie proposte sino ad ora per darne spiegazione

2.1 Mb
7.1 Art

Motion estrapolation in catching

1.56 Mb
7.2 Art

Neural processing delays are compensated in the sensorimotor branch of the visual system

85 Kb

7.3 Art

Motion integration and Postdiction in visual awareness

152 Kb

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