Xie, X.-Y., Morrone, M. C., & Burr, D. C.

Serial dependence in orientation judgments at the time of saccades

Journal of Vision, 23(7), 7.

https://doi.org/10.1167/jov.23.7.7 Download

We actively seek information from the environment through saccadic eye movements, necessitating continual integration of presaccadic and postsaccadic signals, which are displaced on the retina by each saccade. We tested whether trans-saccadic integration may be related to serial dependence (a measure of how perceptual history influences current perception) by measuring how viewing a presaccadic stimulus affects the perceived orientation of a subsequent test stimulus presented around the time of a saccade. Participants reproduced the position, and orientation of a test stimulus presented around a 16° saccade. The reproduced position was mislocalized toward the saccadic target, agreeing with previous work. The reproduced orientation was attracted toward the prior stimulus and regressed to the mean orientation. These results suggest that both short- and long-term past information affects trans-saccadic perception, most strongly when the test stimulus is presented perisaccadically. This study unites the fields of serial dependence and trans-saccadic perception, leading to potential new insights of how information is transferred and accumulated across saccades.