About Us

The Pisa Vision Laboratory is a research centre financed largely by the European Research Council, dedicated to frontier, interdisciplinary research of human perception. The centre unites faculty, research staff and clinicians of the Universities of Pisa and Florence, the CNR Institute of Neuroscience and the Stella Maris Foundation. The research focuses primarily on the human visual system and its development, but also investigates key issues of cross-sensory integration. Current research spans many diverse aspects of perception, including traditional topics such as motion perception, colour, space, and vision during saccadic eye movements. More recently we have moved on to issues such as integration of signals from different senses, the perception of event duration and numerosity. The research is fundamentally multi-disciplinary, using psychophysical, neuro-computational, neuro-imaging and clinical techniques. For more information, click on the “publications” link or go to the personal pages of our research team.

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