Welcome to the Active Perception Conference

A conference honoring David Burr

Florence, September 3-5, 2023

Roberto Arrighi (University of Florence)
Elisa Castaldi (University of Florence)
Paola Binda (University of Pisa)
Monica Gori (IIT Genova)

The Active Perception Conference, honoring David Burr, is jointly organized by three ERC projects (GENPERCEPT, PUPILTRAITS, MYSPACE). Leading experts in sensory and perceptual neuroscience will gather to discuss the state of the art and future directions of the field. Items on the menu include motion processing, mapping of physical or conceptual spaces, multisensory perception, perceptual predictions, plasticity and development.


Our event is scheduled to fit between two related scientific events: ECVP in Cyprus (https://cyprusconferences.org/ecvp2023/) and the annual meeting of the Italian Society Physiology in Pisa. Please plan on being in Firenze by September 3rd afternoon and leaving on September 6th; the preliminary schedule is as follows:

September 3rd: check-in:

  • workshop starts at 6pm with a welcome speech and opening lecture;
  • dinner and after dinner meeting will follow.

September 4th:

  • talks in the morning;
  • unscheduled discussion in the afternoon;
  • dinner and after dinner meeting.

September 5th:

  • talks in the morning;
  • visit of the Uffizi in the afternoon;
  • dinner and after dinner closing remarks.

September 6th: check-out 

Please download a copy of the program


The conference will take place at Grand Hotel Baglioni, located in the heart of Florence. For more info visit: https://www.hotelbaglioni.it/en    


We have emailed all participants with information regarding their accomodation; please do not hesitate to contact us should any question arise

Getting there:

By Plane: Probably the best option is to fly to Firenze Airport and catch the tramway to the center (https://www.aeroporto.firenze.it/en/the-passengers/transport/tramway.html). There is also the nearby Pisa International Airport, located about 100 km away, and connected with Firenze through a bus and local trains.  

By train: Alternatively, you could fly to Roma or Milano and catch a high-speed train to Firenze (https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html.). The Firenze high-speed railway station (Santa Maria Novella) is right by the city center.  

By car: Probably the worst option. The historic center is relatively small, surprisingly chaotic and largely pedestrian-only.


 Roberto Arrighi (University of Florence) roberto.arrighi@nullunifi.it
 Elisa Castaldi(University of Florence) elisa.castaldi@nullunifi.it
 Paola Binda (University of Pisa) paola.binda@nullunipi.it
 Monica Gori (IIT Genova) monica.gori@nulliit.it


David Alais The University of Sydney
Dora E. Angelaki New York University
Janette Atkinson University College London
Stefano Baldassi Google LLC
Martin S. Banks University of California Berkeley
Akshatha Bhat The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Geoffrey M. Boynton University of Washington
Doris Braun University of Giessen
Frank Bremmer University of Marburg
Aurelio Bruno University of Leicester
David Burr Università di Firenze
Brian Butterworth University College London
Marisa Carrasco New York University
Mazviita Chirimuuta The University of Edinburgh
Marco Cicchini CNR Pisa
Sofia Crespi Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele
Stanislas Dehaene Collège de France & Inserm-CEA
Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz CNRS & Inserm-CEA
Michela Del Viva Università di Firenze
Marc O. Ernst University of Ulm
Ione Fine University of Washington
Tom C.A. Freeman Cardiff University
Karl R. Gegenfurtner University of Giessen
Michael E. Goldberg Columbia University
Melvyn A. Goodale University of Western Ontario
Mark W. Greenlee University of Regensburg
Lawrence R. Harris York University
Lynne Kiorpes New York University
Jan W. Kurzawski New York University
Markus Lappe University of Münster
Diana Laurillard University College London
Claudia Lunghi CNRS & ENS, Paris
Pascal Mamassian CNRS & ENS, Paris
David P. Melcher New York University Abu Dhabi
Kyriaki Mikellidou University of Cyprus.
M. Concetta Morrone Università di Pisa
J. Antony Movshon New York University
David Murphy BIH Charité Berlin
Peter Neri (TBC) – CNRS & ENS, Paris
Tatiana Pasternak National Institute of Health
Denis Pelli New York University
Elizabeth Pellicano Macquarie University
Arezoo Pooresmaeili European Neuroscience Institute Goettingen
Martina Poletti University of Rochester
Vincenzo Romei Università di Bologna
Michele Rucci University of Rochester
Giulio Sandini Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Donatella Spinelli Università di Roma “Foro italico”
Marco Tamietto Università di Torino
Jessica Taubert University of Queensland
Peter Thompson University of York
Simon J. Thorpe CerCo-CNRS & Université de Toulouse
Michela Tosetti IRRCS Stella Maris & Imago7
Marco Turi Università del Salento
Preeti Verghese Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
Anna Ma-Wyatt University of Adelaide
Xin-Yu Xie Peking University
Eckart Zimmermann University of Düsseldorf
Ehud Zohary The Hebrew University of Jerusalem